Tire Measuring Instructions

Measuring the tire is easy to do, but it is important to follow the exact steps below so it is ACCURATE (if it is not accurate it is worthless).

The 2 measurements needed are the INSIDE SURFACE of the tires cavity and the BEAD WIDTH.  It is best if you can get these measurements in millimeters.

We have found that using a small flexible tape measure works best, but if you don’t have that, you can use a piece of stiff paper or manila folder and a ruler to measure it (SEE BELOW) .

The only other piece of information that I will need is the rim width you are using (1.60″, 1.85″, 2.15″).

Here are some pictures to show how to measure what is needed.  If you have ANY questions please reach out to me right away and I will answer ANY questions you have.

Tire Measurement Form

All fields required for the online form. For a printable PDF form, CLICK HERE then go to your downloads folder.

Tire Inside Circumference

Highlighted in red is what we need to measure.

Secure one end of the measuring tape to the edge of the inside of the tire.

Make sure the tape is making contact with the tire all the way around the inside, and take the measurement at the opposite edge of the inside of the tire.

Bead Width

Highlighted in red is what we need to measure.

Hook the tape measure to the inside edge of the tire bead and measure the width of the bead, a caliper works as well.

Paper Measuring Method

Cut a long piece of sturdy paper or manila folder.

Bend an end of the paper to attach securely to the tire edge

Measure the tire making sure the paper is pressed down to the tire all the way around.  Then mark with a pen/pencil.

Measure the paper with a ruler or tape measure.